DENT GENIE GROUP has been cooperating since 2003 with all the Insurance Companies in Greece, but with some of them we are an “OFFICIAL PARTNER” for the repairs of hail damage.

Take advantage of the benefits we provide for the customers of these Insurance Companies:

Service Priority

You have priority in appointments and repairs, so you will not lose a single minute for the completion of your car.

Do not waste any more time.

Loaner Car

You won't need to wait a single minute, for this reason our company will provide you completely free of charge, a loaner car, until your own is repaired.

Because time is precious.

Car Cleaning

After repairing the damage from the hail, your car is delivered completely clean, washed inside - out and waxed, completely free!

Your satisfaction, our joy.

Saving money

By choosing to repair your car at Dent Genie Group, you will have a 50% discount on the entire exemption of your contract. Find out with which insurances you can benefit from this discount.

Why lose?!

Don't waste any more time.

Contact us to find out with which Insurance Companies we are an OFFICIAL PARTNER.

Make sure your car is in good hands.